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Please read and review carefully.  All listings must fall into one of the Categories listed.  This website focuses or Farm and Ranch related items in Western Canada.

Thank you for your interest in Wildfire Classifieds.

By using this site you agree and accept the following information and guidelines:

  • Wildfire Classifieds offers one common site that allows the public to list for sale items and advertisements.
  • Wildfire Classifieds is not a broker, agent, dealer or representative of any of the posted sale listings.
  • Wildfire Classifieds does not receive commissions of any type for any sales.
  • Wildfire Classifieds does not and will not take part in any transactions between buyer and seller.
  • Wildfire Classifieds can not guarantee that all of the information for the listings is true or accurate.

Please be aware that because Wildfire Classifieds does not guarantee any of the posted listings, if there is any dispute between buyer and seller, Wildfire Classifieds and any representatives or employees of Wildfire Classifieds bare no responsibility, consequences or fault.

Not all items that are submitted for posting to Wildfire Classifieds will be approved or listed.  The goal of this website is to contain quality listings that can be used by a specific group of viewers.  Please do not be offended or upset if your post is not accepted.  Wildfire Classifieds reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.  All listings are subject to editorial change, please review adds once posted to be aware or any such changes.  Any kind of negative or hurtful comments or statements will not be tolerated.  If you have any complaint or negative information about an advertiser or an individual posting items to this site, please let us know so we can take the appropriate actions.

Technical service interruptions are possible.  Wildfire Classifieds can not guarantee uninterrupted service due to any circumstances out of our control.

Wildfire Classifieds does not keep any record of deleted or expired listings.

To complete Registration to this site you have agreed with and read the Website Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and all other Website Information available.

Posting a Free Classified Listing

To list a free classified listing, you must first complete the Registration form.  Once this form has been completed including name, contact info and password you can login at any time and post items for sale or wanted.

Please be aware that not all listings will be posted, and it may take up to 48 hours for the listing to show up on the site.

Free to the public. Limited to 10 posts per person per month maximum.  Adds will automatically be deleted after 14 days.

All listings must have a price and location, listings will not be accepted without a posted price and location.

Firesale Option

You will notice a Firesale option while posting your listing.  This is an optional feature and does not need to be used.  Firesale is for Wildfire Classifieds internal use only and will not be released to the public.  If you have an item that you believe is under market value and you would like to sell without dealing with the public or hassle of answering buyers calls or messages, Wildfire Classifieds may occasionally purchase these items for the Firesale amount listed.  Items will be picked up by a Wildfire representative who is guaranteed safe and paid for in any agreed upon way buy the seller.  The Firesale amount does not need to be the same amount that the item is listed for to the public.

Posting a Paid Business Listing

These Listings will be posted along with all other free postings.  There will be no featured add status or priority given to paid listings.  All listings must have a price and location, listings will not be accepted without a posted price and location.

Paid Business Listing rates are as followed:

Single listing: $10 per month

Group package: $30 per month for up to 5 listings

Yearly package: $250 per year for up to 5 listings per month

Listings will automatically be deleted after 30 days if not renewed.


Wildfire Classifieds apologizes for any issues that you may encounter while using our website and services.  We will always do our best to correct any problems.  Please feel free to contact us by email, text or phone call with your inquiries.

Wildfire Hours of Operation

Hours of operation vary at this time.  Email or text messages can be sent 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Phone calls will only be accepted between 8:00 am MST and 8 pm MST.

Helpful Information

Please read and review the following before buying or selling:

  • Make sure that the meeting spot is a public and secure place. Public and well populated area’s work best.
  • We do not recommend inviting people you are not acquainted with to your home. Also avoid meeting in an isolated place as public places are safer, and difficult to carry out scams.
  • Contact someone and inform them about your meeting beforehand. Also keep your cell phone with you at all times in order to be contacted or to contact somebody in case of emergencies.

These simple precautionary measures can protect you and other users from harmful transactions and frauds.